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Commonwealth Employment Relations Board

  Board/Commission Information

Board Name: Commonwealth Employment Relations Board
Legal Authority: Chapter MGL Chapter 23, Section 9R
Purpose: To effectively and expeditiously encourage the parties to a labor dispute to agree on the terms of a settlement or to agree on the method and procedure which shall be used to resolve a dispute.
Seat Restrictions: Each member of the board shall be appointed for a term of 5 years; provided, however, that a term of appointment shall be shortened, if necessary, to ensure that the members' terms are staggered such that a term expires every 2 years. No more than 2 members shall be from the same political party. The governor shall designate one of the members of the board as chair.
Meeting Information:
Compensation: The position of chair shall be classified in accordance with section 45 of chapter 30 and the chair's salary shall be determined in accordance with section 46C of said chapter 30. The chair shall devote her full time to the duties of her office and shall not engage in other employment or business activities during regular business hours. To be reimbursed at an appropriate rate to be established by the director, in consultation with the advisory council.

Member Information

Member NameSeat NameChairTerm End Date
Ms. Marjorie WittnerSeat 1 2023-10-27
Mr. Kelly B. Strong Esq.Seat 2 2024-11-30
Joan I. Ackerstein Esq.Seat 3 2021-08-25