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Boxers' Fund Board

  Board/Commission Information

Board Name: Boxers' Fund Board
Legal Authority: MGL Chapter 6, Section 99
Purpose: To establish rules and regulations for eligibility for payments from the boxers. Fund and may revise the same from time to time
Seat Restrictions: Term Limit: 1 | Term Length: 3
Meeting Information: One Ashburton Place Room 1301 Boston, MA 02108
Compensation: Official Expenses only

Member Information

Member NameSeat NameChairTerm End Date
Mr. Todd GrossmanCommissioner's Designee  
Mr. Edward H. FitzgeraldSeat 1 1998-06-23
Mr. James McNallySeat 2 2012-06-02
VACANTSeat 3  
Mr. Craig StepnoState Treasurer Designee