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Latino-American Advisory Commission

  Board/Commission Information

Board Name: Latino-American Advisory Commission
Legal Authority: Executive Order. #409
Purpose: this administration places a high priority on addressing the unique concerns of the Latino-American community and promoting the enhancement of opportunities for the Commonwealth's Latino-American population; and it is the responsibility of the Commonwealth to promote full inclusion in government and state services by all citizens of the Commonwealth without regard to race, color, sex, language or national origin
Seat Restrictions: Term Limit: 99 | Term Length: 2
Meeting Information:

Member Information

Member NameSeat NameChairTerm End Date
Lt. Governor Tim MurrayChair  
Ms. Lillian Santiago-BauzaCo-Chair 2010-07-06
Mr. Gerardo VillacresSeat 1 2010-07-06
Ms. Elsa M. RiveraSeat 10 2012-04-07
Ms. Gladys Rodriguez-ParkerSeat 11 2010-07-06
Mr. Ilan StavansSeat 12 2010-07-06
Ms. Yvonne Garcia AchabSeat 13 2010-07-06
Mr. Mark A. HernandezSeat 2 2010-09-16
Ms. Almudena Guajardo AbeytaSeat 3 2011-10-04
Mr. Rafael A. BonesSeat 4 2011-11-19
Dr. Hortensia AmaroSeat 5 2011-11-19
Mr. Donald A. BerubeSeat 6 2012-02-03
Dr. Janer Hernandez-BonillaSeat 7 2012-03-24
Ms. Denise SalgadoSeat 8 2012-03-24
Ms. Lucinda V. RiveraSeat 9 2012-04-07