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Governor's Commission on Intellectual Disabilities

  Board/Commission Information

Board Name: Governor's Commission on Intellectual Disabilities
Legal Authority: Executive Order #507
Purpose: To examine the quality and comprehensiveness of the Commonwealth's program of services designed to address the wide variety of needs of people with intellectual disability.
Seat Restrictions: Term Limit: 0 | Term Length: 3
Meeting Information: Vary.
Compensation: Expenses only

Member Information

Member NameSeat NameChairTerm End Date
Paul ZerolaAt-Large - Seat 7 2018-06-02
Jennifer TreselerAt-Large Seat 13 2018-12-03
Ms. Anne FrachtAt-Large Seat 1 2017-12-03
Joanne JaxtimerAt-Large Seat 10 2021-12-03
Doreen CummingsAt-Large Seat 11 2018-06-17
Ms. Becca GouldAt-Large Seat 12 2022-12-03
George FordAt-Large Seat 2 2019-12-03
Mr. James T. BrettAt-Large Seat 3 (Chair) 2020-12-03
Joann SimonsAt-Large Seat 4 2018-04-01
Ms. Marjorie M. CohenAt-Large Seat 5 2019-12-03
Amy CarnevaleAt-Large Seat 6 2019-12-03
Sarah JoorAt-Large Seat 8 2017-12-03
Mr. James CassettaAt-Large Seat 9 2019-12-03