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Boards and Commissions

About Serving on a Board or Commission

Participating on a board or commission entails more than simply an individual's presence; it requires a considerable contribution of expertise and time. Because board members help influence state policies and regulations, it is important that members stay informed about issues, legislative activity, and statutes affecting their board or commission.
Board and commission members must attend meetings regularly. Consistent attendance enables board members to keep abreast of board concerns and helps ensure that issues are examined from a variety of perspectives.

Conduct of Board and Commission Members

With a few exceptions, members of boards and commissions are subject to the State Conflict of Interest and Ethics Laws. Please make sure to review each pertinent section prior to submitting your application. You may also contact the State Ethics Commission at 617.371.9500 for free, confidential advice about how the laws would apply to you in a particular circumstance.
If you have questions about a specific position and your eligibility, please contact the Boards and Commissions Office at 617.725.4010.